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Below are some common questions I'm asked. If I have not covered your question off below, I'd be delighted to answer any further queries you may have via Email or Whatsapp.

  • How does it work?
    1. You let me know what sort of display you are looking for, your rough budget, favourite flowers, and the colour scheme you have in mind. It always helps if you can show me any of my pieces you love, or share photos of pieces you have seen that you would like to loosely base your arrangement on. 2. We discuss the options, and once you are ready, I take payment. For Small displays you pay the full amount upfront, but for Medium and Large displays, you pay a 50% deposit. 3. Once we have worked on the display together and it is perfect, the balance is adjusted based on the final number and choice of stems, and this payment is made along with the courier cost before I wrap it up for you.
  • Can I just buy a few stems or do I need to buy a full bouquet?
    Absolutely, if you have a very small vase with a narrow neck, we can work together to find the perfect stem or two for you. It may be that you already have a display but want to add a few extra stems to freshen it up, or change the feel of it. The price will vary depending on which stems you choose.
  • Can you recreate a special bouquet?
    Absolutely. Recreating your wedding bouquet or a special birthday bunch is such a gorgeous way of reliving the day and keeping the memory alive in your home. For me the most important thing to flag is that I only use the highest quality of stems for your displays. I carefully select these to look as realistic as possible. So whilst I can absolutely base your faux display on a specific bouquet, it may not be possible to match all the specific flowers etc. That said, I will do my best to recreate the overall feel of your display and we will work together until you are delighted with it.
  • What is more sustainable, fresh or faux flowers?"
    We believe buying Forever Flowers is more sustainable than fresh flowers. The creation and original transportation of Forever Flowers has its own impact - but this is at a lower carbon footprint than fresh flowers. And all these things happen for a display that will last you years, not days. With Forever Flowers, there is no need for: - Heated greenhouses, large quantities of water, herbicides or pesticides to protect them as they grow. - Refrigerated air travel to transport fresh flowers across the world, keeping them at the perfect temperature, and fast enough to ensure they have not yet bloomed. - All the plastic cellophane to wrap each delicate bloom for transportation to florists, and then for each bouquet, display or even individual stems again. - Weekly/ fortnightly replacements - repeating the need for all of the above... Our bouquets are sent in recycled cardboard boxes. No cellophane in sight. We tie displays with a ribbon - so you can rearrange and refresh your display by adding or swapping new stems in, whenever you feel like it. Forever Flowers last, and look as beautiful as the day you receive them for years to come (with just the smallest amount of upkeep). So rather than subscribing to fortnightly or monthly fresh flowers, why not invest in a stunning and lasting display?
  • Do you take returns?
    As I source stems specifically for your display, and cut these down to size, returns are unfortunately not an option. I will always send photos of the florals before I cut them down, to make sure you are happy before we take the plunge!
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