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artificial flower bouquet

Bouquets & Floral Displays

Our beautiful bouquets & displays are made with luxurious faux stems, meaning they look just as perfect as the day you bought them, week in, week out,  year in, year out. I work closely with you, selecting each stem until you are absolutely in love. After all, these are your forever flowers so they have to be spot on.

Whilst the initial investment of a luxurious faux display comes at a higher price point than fresh flowers, you are doing away with the need to regularly replace, as well as reducing the carbon footprint. That said, should you want to mix & match, add some additional stems or change up the colour scheme in the future - this is easily done. 

flower arrangement for wedding
Image by Ан Нет

Bouquet Prices

Some stems are more, some are less, but budgeting £10 per stem generally works as a good guide.

The nature of being bespoke, is that we can add or take away stems, allowing for varying budgets.

Photographed: Wild Thing Bouquet


Named Bouquets

We have a number of named bouquets you can select from as inspiration for your bespoke piece:

            Freya £65            Chloe £65

          Florence £70          Ava £75

             Erin £80          Sophie £85

              Isla £95            Lyra £100

           Celine £110        Elodie  £115

            Eliza £125      Genevieve £130

           Olivia £140         Skye £175

                      Grace £290

The photo carousel displays each of the bouquets and explains what is included in each at this price, variations are of course possible.

Photographed: Isla Bouquet


Photographed: Skye Bouquet

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